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Contact:  Valerie A. Eddy,                                                DUNS:  080656181

  Owner / Certified Mediator                                               CAGE Code:  7XQ93

         Office 760 896-4501                                                       NAICS:  611430 & 541199

                       Cell    760 991-7867                                                        Small Business, EDWOSB & WOSB



Peace Offers does work with Government Agencies either by contract with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or by Government Purchase Card (GPC).  Most of our services fall under the purchasing threshold for GPC.  We can assist on meeting your needs of Government small business standards and minority regulations.

Our Mediation service are to assist people in a dispute to identify the issues, reduce misunderstandings, clarify priorities, vent emotions, find points of agreement, explore new areas of compromise, and facilitate an agreement.

Our Communication Education Program focuses on effective and respectful communication skills to promote acceptance of diversity.  We train on identifying and preventing inappropriate behaviors. We provide coaching, facilitation and team development for a safe and peaceful work environment.

We offer an Education Program in Understanding Your Insurance Policy.  We cut through the legal language and help you understand what it means. We help to make sure what is important to you is covered.

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Construction and Heavy Equipment

Disaster Assistance

Human Resource


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State of California Department of Insurance  

RFQ #17029 – Mediation Program – Qualified Mediators 

Consumer Communications Bureau, Los Angeles, CA

Patrick Campbell, Chief