Education Programs

Peace Offers provides Education programs in Communication which can be used in our everyday life. We teach about understanding conflict, escalation, de-escalation and developing ways to communicate to break the pattern of conflict. It focuses on effective and respectful communication skills to promote acceptance of diversity. We offer Education programs on identifying and preventing Inappropriate Behaviors. This education program assists people in the workplace, at home or in victim/survivor guest homes by providing coaching, facilitation and team development for a safe and peaceful environment.

Our Education program on What Mediation Can Do For You explains about mediation and the different types of disputes in which mediation can assist in resolving.

We teach elders, their families and caregivers about watching the signs for abuse or being taken advantage of their situation. This Education program includes How Mediation Can Help Families Resolve Feuds in the decision of their elder’s care.

Our most popular Education program is Understanding Your Insurance Policy.  We cut through the legal language and help you understand what it means.  We go over where you might cut some costs off your policy and where you need to add insurance. We help to make sure what is important to you is covered.

We provide education on purchasing a new or used vehicle in our Vehicle Education program.  This program will provide knowledge on the basic mechanics to perform before buying a used vehicle, how to get the best cost on a new car or truck and resources to check for mechanical recalls.  The Vehicle Education Program includes knowledge in getting the proper insurance coverage.

These are unbiased educational programs. We do not recommend or endorse any provider.