A Canoe Cruise into 2022

A Canoe Cruise into 2022

Standing on the shore ready to launch into a New Year,

we watch the sunset on 2021.

A year we had to navigate through some troubled waters.

We get into our canoe,

remembering to stay balanced in order to stay afloat.

Paddling into the darkness; the unknown of what lies ahead.

Smooth, soft rippling waters as we row along.

A shimmer of light dances on the water 

as the sun rises on the New Year.

Peace is what we seek.

Peace of mind.

Tranquility, harmony, and balance 

in our lives.


As we drift into the unknown of 2022;

we can expect some rough waters, but

we will hold in our mind’s eye and manifest,

is calm, gentle waters for a smooth ride.


Peace Offers Mediation & Education

 Wishes You a Peaceful and Happy New Year!

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