How Much Does Mediation Cost?

Peace Offers is taking the guess work out of the question on how much does Mediation cost by providing clear and inclusive fees.

A “Claimant” is the person with the complaint. If the Claimant wants to go forward with Mediation; the Claimant would pay a one time fee of $300.00. This fee is for professional and confidential services performed by a Mediator of Peace Offers.  This service includes, but not limited to, time spent with the Claimant for getting information about the issue also known as an “intake assessment”, scheduling, administration, preparation, study of documents, research issues, correspondences, telephone calls, and to do such other things as necessary in the attempt to get everyone involved to agree to come to a Mediation meeting.

The professional and confidential Mediation service performed by a Mediator of Peace Offers is an all inclusive fee. The fee includes correspondences, legal documentation before the Mediation, review of documents provided by everyone involved, preparation, Mediation conference space, food and beverages provided during the Mediation; excluding lunch, Mediator’s time; including up to an 8 hour Mediation session, travel expenses, legal documentation of the Mediation; including the final resolution.  The Mediation cost is between $1,800.00 – $4,800.00 for anywhere in the United States of America.

Insurance Claims may be little or No Cost to the Claimant depending on what is written in the insurance policy.

We offer all Service Members that are active duty, veterans or retired a 10% discount.

We offer Victims of Crime and non profit service providers special rates.

Peace Offers does not want resolving a conflict to be financially burdensome. If you need financial assistance don’t hesitate to let us know.


Mediation cost from Peace Offers leaves room to grow