Insurance Claims

Peace Offers is proud of the expertise and success our Mediation service has in the many types of Insurance Claims.  We provide Mediation for automotive / truck, commercial truck / heavy equipment, motorcycle, construction, disaster, home and commercial property insurance claims. We offer a compassionate, professional and a confidential break down of insurance coverages. Whether it is a partial or complete loss of property we will help you resolve the issues with the insurance company.

Peace Offers is providing Education and presentations in Understanding Insurance Policies. The Education Program focuses on understanding the written meaning or language of the insurance policy.  We give a common sense breakdown of how much insurance you need to properly cover your property.

We offer these presentations in-person in a group or public setting.  They will be available online in the near future.  Please contact us to book this training.

Peace Offers is unbias and is not supported or sponsored by any insurance company.