Meet a Mediator


Valerie A. Eddy, Certified Mediator, Peace Offers Mediation

Valerie A. Eddy

Certified Mediator / Owner


Mediation seems to come naturally to me. I am able to mediate in a wide range of disputes due to my diverse background.

My career expanded in the Construction Industry, Automotive Industry and Law Enforcement.

It was during one of my many tasks, performed in Construction, when I discovered Mediation.

I found the Mediation process and purpose very interesting and thought; I would love to become a Mediator in the future.

Life gave me the opportunity to become a Mediator through Orange County Human Relations in 2011.

In 2013, I started Peace Offers.  Mediation for Resolving Disputes to Give You Peace.

I have a variety of experience in the Construction Industry, starting in 1986, working for the following companies; including but not limited to, Sonoma-Marin Construction, Richard Johnson Trucking, Birtcher Construction, Channel Equipment / Kennedy Pipeline, Marina Landscaping and Action Electric.

I obtained a Class B Construction License and have owned two construction companies: California Construction Companies and It’s Beautiful! Interior Design and Restoration.

In the early 2000, the construction industry was at an all-time low. I took on a new career in California Highway Patrol. Unfortunately, Governor Gray Davis was recalled and this caused several Law Enforcement Officers, under their probation, to be laid off.

I have a passion for cars, more specifically muscle cars.  I have always been a hard worker, rarely working one job at a time. I combined my love for cars and motorcycles by working in that industry, as well, as a Parts Specialist. I have worked for Kragen Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Kawasaki and Orange Coast Chrysler / Jeep / Dodge and Ram.

I come from a long family history of Military Personnel, which then go into Public Service as Law Enforcement or Nursing. Including my own sons, who have served in the US ARMY. You can say that it is in my blood, that I would be actively involved in organizations that support the Military. I have been or am currently volunteering for such organizations as Blue Star Moms, USO, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and the American Legion’s Auxiliary. 

Having such a big heart, I actively mentored young adults. Some of which have served or are currently serving in the Military. I am passionate about the fight against Victims of Crime and Human Trafficking. I am currently, actively involved with the San Diego County Anti Human Trafficking Advisory Council and Subcommittees.