Standing on the Shore Waiting to Launch

Why Try Mediation?

The Mediator does not enforce a decision on the individuals, but helps guide them in reaching a solution. Since the individuals involved in the dispute, play active roles in resolving the problem, they usually are comfortable and supportive of the solution. Successful mediations often result in written agreements that are signed by both parties in a dispute. If they do not reach a solution, a court action may be filed. Mediators are certified professionals. Mediation is confidential. Less costly than a lawyer and court fees. State Superior Courts supports mediation. You control the outcome. To resolve a dispute to give you peace.


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Reputable Reflections

Our participants thoughts of their experience with Peace Offers

Laura ~ Wildfire Mediation

"Thank you very much for arranging our conference during these difficult times.  I thought everyone was very professional.  I am happy we were able to reach a solution."

John ~ Wildfire Mediation

"You helped me get through the process and gave me faith that things would work out."

A Canoe Cruise into 2022

Standing on the shore ready to launch into a New Year, we watch the sunset on 2021. A year we had to navigate through some troubled waters. We get into our canoe, remembering to stay balanced in order to stay afloat. Paddling into the darkness; the unknown of what lies ahead. Smooth, soft rippling waters as we row along. A shimmer of light dances on the water  as the sun rises on the New Year. Peace is what we seek. Peace of mind. Tranquility, harmony, and balance  in our lives.   As we drift into the unknown of 2022; we can expect some rough waters, but we will hold in our mind’s eye and manifest, is calm, gentle waters for a smooth ride.   Peace Offers Mediation & Education  Wishes You a Peaceful and Happy New Year! #NewYear2022 #PeaceOffers #Peace  

Peace Bridge

Peace Offers‘ Mediators are like the Peace Bridge helping you to close the gap in a dispute anywhere in the USA. The Peace Bridge spans the gap of 5,800’ from Buffalo, NY to Fort Erie, Ontario Canada over the swift moving Niagara River which is 12.4 miles up from Niagara Falls. It was named for the continued Peace between the US & Canada sometime after the War of 1812.  The bridge continues to serve as a crossing for pedestrians, vehicles and commerce. #PeaceBridge #PeaceOffers #Mediation #Peace

Christmas Peace

A Successful and Essential Mediation from a Home Disaster Made Their Christmas a Little Brighter.  We are Merry that it Brought them Peace to Move Forward. Our Professional and Confidential Service for Mediation are done by Video Conferencing, or In Person.  Your Health & Safety is Very Important to Us.  In-person meetings are held in compliance with strict Covid guidelines. If You Experienced a Home Disaster and Need Help; Please Contact Us at 760 896-4501. We look forward to Serving You!


Disaster struck and turned your life upside down.  Your home or vehicle are damaged.  The first step is contacting your insurance company.  Peace Offers can help you understand the insurance company’s process or assist you with a dispute. We bring unity between you and the insurance company to bring you Peace.